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Alison Wilkin MSc, BSc, PGCE, RNC

Director & Clinical Educator

Alison is a Paediatric  Nurse with over 20 years combined experience in the NHS and Higher Education industries. 

Her previous work experiences as a Nurse Practitioner in a busy paediatric assessment unit and a Nurse Teacher in Higher Education have given her the skills as a academic to provide up to date evidence based training.  

As well as providing clinical training Alison works in complex care caring children with tracheostomies requiring ventilation and children with complex epilepsy.

With this experience in education and currency in practice her understand of and ability to put together high quality evidence based teaching is setting Artes Training apart from other training companies.

By including practical hands on simulations that are based on real world senarios experianced in front line work we can ensure that clients receive the best possible experience and the best value from time and money invested in the training process.


Qualifications:-  Masters level educated, PGCE Nurse Teacher in Higher Education, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Alisons background in detail:


  • 1996-2014 18 years in  the NHS, main clinical experience, Paediatric A&E’s, Paediatric Assessment Units, general paediatrics – main duties, Junior Sister, Ward Manager for several years, worked closely with local university teaching on modules plus teaching nurses/healthcare support staff  on ward.  (2011-2014) Commenced a Masters programme for nurse practitioner training  (assessing,  diagnosing and treating children in paediatric assessment unit).
  • 2014-2018 went into Nurse Education, completed PGCE Nurse Teacher qualification and finished Masters programme.  Taught Year 1-3 student nurses, as well as Masters level post registration students, main focus recognition of deteriorating child module cohort lead and simulation lead, aligning all osce simulation across level 6 and 7 modules driving change and maintaining safety.
  • Oct 2018- present – returned to practice in complex care – caring for paediatric clients with complex epilepsy & child with a tracheostomy requiring ventilation.
  • December 2018 – present Director of Training company.  Currency in practice and teaching in higher education has given me the skills to train nurses, carers and support staff to care for paediatric clients with complex needs using simulation which is known in the healthcare setting to have the potential to improve safety of healthcare by allowing health care practitioners to acquire valuable experience and skills for a variety of settings without putting patients at risk. 
  • This year have provided subject matter expert reviews for Skills for Health resuscitation online modules.


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