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Frequently Asked Questions


Whilst there is never a good substitute to talking with us and allowing us to answer your questions below are some common topics. We hope that the following pieces of information and the content of this website will answer most of the questions you may have please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements or any other questions you may have regarding our company and the services we provide.


Question - Why call your company Artes Training?

This was the most difficult part of starting  a company as many choices were already taken!  The founder decided to choose a Latin term therefore Artes means ‘skills’.

Question - Why complex care training?

Founder Alison saw a gap in the market. Working clinically with clients with complex needs in the community, staff require training and competency to care safely for  these clients.

Question - What other training do you  provide?

Artes Training offers Complex Care, Mandatory and non-manditory and First Aid courses. We can design and deliver bespoke training at your request.  Additionally, Artes training has provided training in  Loan  working of staff, recognition of deteriorating child, infection  control, Oxygen therapy delivery.  Please contact us for further details.

Question - What makes you different to your competitors?

Founder Alison has strong academic educational and practice background.  Alison has worked in the higher education industry training  student nurses.  Alison has designed curricula and streamlined the delivery of simulated activities in  the mock ward  environments.  

Alison also remains current in practice caring  for a child with complex needs requiring ventilation via a tracheostomy which maintains her clinical credibility and currency in practice.  All deliveries are evidence based with up to date evidence-based research.   Much of the delivery of training courses has a strong theory base and use of simulation  in the classroom which allows the knowledge skills and attitudes to be acquired for all healthcare professionals.

Question - What is simulation?

Simulation education bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-life clinical experiences.  Simulation can enhance patient safety and optimize outcomes, providing the means of allowing healthcare staff to ‘practice’ critical thinking skills, psychomotor skills and clinical decision-making in a safe controlled environment without the potential risk to the patient.

Question - Why do you use simulation in your training?

Coming from an education background teaching student nurses , simulation played a huge part in training delivery. One of the ways to enhance clinical competency is through simulation training. This has proven to have many advantages which help improve staff competencies, and in return improve patient safety and reduce healthcare costs.

Question -Why do you debrief after simulation activities?

Debriefing is a critical activity for learning in simulated based education following a simulated activity. It is a conversational event for reflection and feedback aimed at sustaining or improving future performance of healthcare staff.

Question - How do you keep up to date as a trainer?

Alison remains clinical in practice caring for client on a ventilator with a tracheostomy which maintains her clinical credibility and currency in practice. Alison has a strong education background and attends regular training herself to maintain competency including train the trainer updates, paediatric tracheostomy development days run by NHS Trusts, Ventilator study days delivered by London NHS Trusts and resuscitation conferences. Alison is a member of various organisations including national back exchange and epilepsy society.

Question - Whats next?

Develop further business network and write for publication regarding simulation in practice!

Question - Can I see your terms of business and payment requirements?

Please get in touch and we will be delighted to send you sample contracts and our payment terms


And find out why so many people trust Artes Training to deliver the skills and knowledge your organisation needs.











We have designed this website to offer as much information as possible. Please read the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions Section) or do not hesitate to contact us.





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