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Latest COVID 19 Advice


COVID 19 (Coronovirus) Please see Resuscitation Council UK Statements on CPR and Resuscitation.  Covid-19 is thought to spread in a way similar to seasonal influenza; from person to person through close contact and droplets.  Standard principles of infection control and droplet precautions are the main control strategies and should be followed rigorously.  Aerosol transmission can also occur.  Attention to hand hygiene and containment of respiratory secretions produced by coughing and sneezing are the conerstones of effective infection control.

Artes training are following Resus councils guidance when teaching First Aid by:-

  • wiping the face, chest and forehead of the manikin with 70% alcohol wipes after each learner and allowing to dry naturally before the next learner takes their turn
  • Replacing and disposing of manikin lungs and airways after each training session
  • Learners are provided with individual face shields which should be disposed of safely at the end of the session
  • Manikins are cleaned with appropriate disinfectant after each training session


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